About Us

RobotIQE is Archiva Group’s creative "botique".   

We design and implement tailor-made software solutions, built to integrate with your workflows and eliminate repetitive and low-value actions.  

We bring the best RPA and A.I. technologies to your company and put them at the service of your business processes to give you back your most precious resource: more time to dedicate to your core business.

Intelligent Automation

Imagine being able to eliminate all those business processes that take up precious time and bring very little added value.   

Leave it to the machines to check, control and execute all the repetitive actions that clog up your workflows.   

Having your software systems integrated with RPA technologies, working together with you precisely, at all times.

All this is INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION: advanced solutions, artificial intelligence, and robotic processes to achieve your goals, and stop wasting time.  


Why rely on a BOT?  

The value of a good employee is irreplaceable. 

Intelligent automation does not replace, it enhances. It eliminates the need to invest human resources in necessary, yet low-value actions. The integration of human work with software solutions that simplify and optimise processes makes it possible to focus the attention on the needs of the employees. 


Every company deals with internal processes in a unique way. That is why there can be no ready-made answers, but rather highly customisable systems that can be adapted to the specific needs of your workflows. 

The solutions we offer represent ideal situations, showing you what Intelligent Automation can do to improve and optimise your business work. 

Case Studies

Each department, each business function is made up of different processes and specific needs in a complex and articulated system of interdependencies, on which the efficiency of the entire company depends: for example, a slowdown in logistics means work for administration and customer care.

The following case studies represent the most frequent and common situations that process Intelligent Automation is able to solve, taking operations to a higher level.