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Administration and Finance

Accounting, taxation, invoicing, purchase orders: in short, documents that translate into mountains of work, often made up of repetitive tasks with very low added value that take time away from the administration. 

Time that could be put to better use, in favour of more agile processes and fast workflows, capable of handling higher volumes of business. 

Intelligent automation is able to use algorithms and bots that act as digital administrators capable of processing all bureaucracy without ever stopping, with no errors and integrating data autonomously. 

ERP Automation

Although the ERP is the central HUB of every production unit, it has a major limitation: it is a collaborative user-based system. Processing, importing, and checking invoices, payment statuses and procedures and generally all activities depend on direct human intervention as a bridge between the different systems. 

Intelligent Automation overcomes this limitation and acts as a digital agent capable of making the whole process more efficient, delegating only the necessary tasks that cannot be done without human intervention. 


ERP Automation
RPA Purchase Order

Purchase orders

Intelligent Automation means agility, responsiveness, and security. This is the case with Purchase Orders, which are normally processed and filled in manually and subject to errors and delays, with the obvious consequences that every businessman knows well. Software robots act quickly and can follow the workflow autonomously, greatly reducing operating times from the production of the request to the recording of the Purchase Order in the management system. 

Invoice registration

As the honours increase, so do the burdens. When the company is doing well, it is easy to find the administration department literally swamped with hundreds, if not thousands, of invoices to check and record. 

The software robots of the RPA solutions integrate with ERP and business management systems, extract the data from the electronic invoice and carry out checks before recording and sending the necessary data to the accounting system.   

RPA Invoice registration
Gestione Fornitori RPA

Supllier management

In the same way as Invoice Recording, integrating Intelligent Automation into administrative processes eliminates the need to manually check dozens of invoices every day: robots check invoices, verify their congruence and expiry date, and keep track of all operations, sending notifications to the suppliers and administrators concerned. 

Foreign Invoices registration

Unlike domestic invoicing, which is already integrated through the Inland Revenue's Interchange System, the management of foreign invoices remains a lengthy, repetitive process with zero added value that takes time and resources away from the administration. Intelligent Automation systems are able to interpret the unstructured data of invoices received in different formats and convert them into a structured format on which validation and any additions can be performed fully automatically.  

Fatture Estere RPA
Cassetto Fiscale RPA

Tax Box

The alignment of the accounts with the Tax Box is an extremely delicate issue which, if neglected, can lead to heavy penalties from the Inland Revenue Agency.  

A manual, time-consuming and resource-intensive process where one mistake can have serious consequences. Robot software can check the alignment between the two systems on a daily basis, immediately alerting the operator so that he can proceed without delay to integrate the missing documents into the business systems. 

Invoicing Process

Having control over the document and operational flows affecting the Active Cycle is of utmost importance to predictively determine the revenues that will occur.  

A workload that encompasses the entire range of operations involved in selling goods or services and that can be partially automated through the use of robots capable of issuing invoices, sending courtesy copies, checking balances and speeding up (or soliciting) payment of open items without the need for direct operator intervention. 

Ciclo Attivo Registrazione Fatture

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