Customer Care RPA

Customer Care

At the basis of everything, there is the customer. When the customer is satisfied, the relationship is managed mainly through branding and marketing, but not always smoothly.  

Customer Care activities are equally important, especially when it comes to handling questions, complaints, requests, and changes. 

Above all, the customer demands responsiveness: they want his request to be dealt with quickly and resolved as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is at stake: when a complaint is made, a quick and effective resolution can strengthen loyalty. 

Intelligent Automation speeds up the whole process, streamlines procedures and supports the work of operators, who can devote all their resources to turning critical issues into new opportunities. 

Complaints management

At the very moment a customer makes a complaint, every minute of delay in offering a satisfactory response further undermines customer satisfaction.  

The inherent difficulty in handling a complaint is further compounded by other factors that can slow down the process. Clients themselves are often unable to provide adequate documentation for a quick resolution, and communications arrive through different channels and in different formats. 

Intelligent Automation solves the problem through the combined use of RPA, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence. The bots are, thus, able to extract the relevant data, verify it and process the requests with considerable time savings and reducing the time needed to resolve the case, to the full satisfaction of the customer. 

RPA Complaints Management
Mailroom RPA


Good customer service is fast, comprehensive, complete. RPA systems use Artificial Intelligence to analyse the content of emails and their attachments and resolve the most frequent requests or route the most complex cases to the attention of the relevant operator along with the information already collected. 


What the customer does not see, all the operations that support the front-office activity, are often dominated by repetitive processes with low added value that are essential for the smooth running of the entire business. RPA robots integrate themselves into the whole process, supporting operators in all data validation operations, processing of documents or requests, issuing of invoices and orchestration of processes and tasks between back-office and front-office. 

Backoffice RPA
RPA Order Cancelation

Order change or cancelation

A cancelled order is a loss of revenue, but one that requires complex management by the company. 

Especially at high volumes of business, cancellation is an eventuality that occurs with some frequency, which is why it is essential for the company to contain its operating costs. 

The process can be fully automated and managed by a bot that receives the request, manages the deletion and distributes it to all relevant departments, aligning internal systems and de facto eliminating the need to follow up a loss-making file. 

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