Managing HR with the help of artificial intelligence might seem like nonsense. The reality is different: human resources - people - are simply irreplaceable. That is why it makes sense to leave to machines and software all the actions where the cognitive power of a good employee would be wasted.  

This is even truer in the HR sector, a business that is often weighed down by the burden of finding new candidates, managing attendance and expense reports and other tasks that machines can complete quickly and leave the real core business to the HR operatives: assessing new entrants, finding better and more creative ways to make the company environment happy and productive, and generally doing all those tasks that software without self-awareness will never be able to do. 


Candidate search

Automating recruitment processes offers a huge advantage: it frees up your HR experts from searching through different systems, so they can devote all their energies to the selection and interview process, activities where human intervention and sensitivity are still irreplaceable. 

The bots interface directly with third-party systems, tools, and portals and, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, identify the most interesting profiles based on the characteristics sought and synchronise them with the company's legacy HR systems for future use, making the entire search, selection, and recruitment process more agile and less costly. 

RPA Candidate Search
Inserimento Nuove Risorse

Inclusion of new resources

From the moment a new employee is hired to the moment they are fully operational, there are several steps that involve multiple systems. It is necessary to provide the new employee with access to the company's tools, assign resources and integrate him or her into the company's ecosystem to transform him or her into a strategic and trusted resource as quickly as possible and to lower the staff turnover rate, which has a significant impact on company costs. 

The robot interfaces with the various company systems to carry out the onboarding request from the creation of the company ID to the badge request, up to the creation of the welcome e-mail delivered to the newly created company mailbox. 

Resources de-allocation

The opposite process to onboarding, resource deallocation, is just as sensitive and strategic. The need to block outgoing employees from accessing company resources in a timely manner requires attention and proper tracking of operations performed.  

In the same way as onboarding, the RPA solution can carry out almost all deallocation operations autonomously, at the end of which it compiles a report of the actions carried out for administrative staff to manually finalise any remaining files.  

RPA Resources de-allocation
RPA Attendance Management

Attendance management and payroll

Having closed the month and finalised the attendance, it is time to make the monthly report and proceed with the compilation of the payroll. However, the data must be entered, salaries, bonuses, holidays, and compensation calculated before being checked again: routine operations that usually block the administration for the first days of the month. 

Intelligent Automation can automate the entire process and align business systems with institutional systems, relieving operatives of repetitive and very low-value tasks. 

Expenses report

Expense reporting is a nightmare both for the employee, who has to fill in reports and provide details, and for HR and administration, who have to review everything, check the correctness of the data and endorse the reimbursements. 

A huge amount of work that is often still done by hand or, in the best of cases, through non-standardised documents that require manual input into the system. 

Most of the basic details - such as amount, date, and place - are available in the receipts themselves: data that can be extracted by the OCR system and entered into the management system by a dedicated bot, which also takes care of aligning the expenses, archiving the receipts and preserving them. 

RPA Expenses Report

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