The entire corporate IT infrastructure - the very terminal from which you are reading these words - requires continuous maintenance and monitoring. In a world where operations cannot be separated from information technology, optimising operations and processes is crucial to staying competitive in the market. 

From first-level support to the dynamic allocation of computing resources to different business systems as needed, IT Intelligent Automation frees up system engineers and technicians from most control and routine tasks and frees up resources for the development and digitisation of the company. 

First level support

Have you ever analysed a statistical report on first level support activities? Then you will surely have realised that 90% of all tickets have the same requests as their subject. The combined use of a chatbot and an RPA solution can solve most common case scenarios and drastically reduce the number of interventions requiring direct technical support from an operator. 

RPA Support
RPA Users

Enabling user services

Giving your customers the autonomy to manage and enable (or disable) services at will: self-care is a concept that is increasingly popular and loved by users. At a corporate level, automating self-care services has the dual advantage of increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the operating costs of a dedicated call centre. Bots and natural language analysis solutions are able to emulate human interaction in both written and spoken form, leaving the customer completely free to manage their profile through the most common channels (telephone, email, instant messaging). 

Software Installation

How much does it cost your company to manage workstations and software applications? It is not just a question of licences, but of the time your IT staff could spend on developing high-value applications and solutions. With a single click, an RPA robot can install and service complex systems and workstation software interdependencies, keeping the entire fleet up-to-date and performing maintenance when workstations are free, avoiding disruption and slowdowns to departments. 

RPA Software Installation
RPA Service Monitoring

Server and service monitoring

Upstream of a continuous, seamless, and uninterrupted service, there is a huge amount of monitoring and intervention work on the servers. A single crash - especially at critical times when the platform is under heavy load - can result in a loss of revenue and brand reputation. Hyper-automated systems are doubly secure: bots help IT operations in monitoring and maintenance processes, intervene automatically when predefined conditions occur, and reduce IT operating costs.  

Automatic tests

Every update to the company's platform must be tested before final deployment to avoid introducing critical bugs and vulnerabilities. Software bots can simulate the most common scenarios and identify critical issues, leaving IT technicians more time to spend on manual testing to investigate complex scenarios. 

Automatic Tests

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