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One of the central tenets of the whole enterprise defines itself. The market is in constant flux. It is the very desinence -ing, indicating the active participation in the market by companies. 

Marketing requires readiness, criticality, analytical capacity, and reactivity. These qualities are obtained through analysis, study and intervention in the market and its users, the customers. 

Monitoring, Intelligence Reporting, Branding, SEO and Content activities, Competitive Analysis are strategic activities without which even the best product will not sell. 

Intelligent Automation makes the task much easier. Bots and A.I. are able to scan the web, detect mentions, mood and sentiment around specific topics, produce detailed reports and allow your company to be where your users are. 


Mailing List

Email marketing is still the medium that offers the highest return on investment, and the second most effective way to build brand awareness.  

Automation and integration with master data systems allow the company's marketing department to set up truly personalised paths to guide and direct customers in their choices, increase satisfaction with your services and build a loyal relationship with high added value. 

Mailing List RPA
RPA Analysis

Competition monitoring and analysis

The market is a fluid ecosystem dominated by complex relationships, where speed of reaction marks the difference between surviving and thriving.  Monitoring the competition is a strategic operation that the modern company cannot ignore. 

RPA solutions and Artificial Intelligence technologies detect competitors' actions (such as promotions, price lists and pricing plans) for you and allow you to adapt your marketing strategies in real time faster than any human being and keep your company's competitiveness at the highest level. 

Intelligence Reporting

Market analysis is as fundamental as it is costly in terms of human and economic assets. The use of Intelligent Automation technologies makes it possible to have up-to-date intelligence reports and market insights while reducing operating costs.  

Robots collect data from all available sources, check them and generate automatic reports that provide a real-time picture of the market. 

RPA Intelligence Reporting
RPA Master Data

Master Data Management

How many master data records are treated as a simple address book? In doing so, important insights and valuable business opportunities are lost. 

RPA software solutions collect, verify and normalise the master data of leads and contacts and add valuable details to the profiles, which are then collected on a single platform together with the history of interactions. No more errors and lost information and more time to spend with your customers. 


Brand reputation monitoring on social media

How much time do your employees spend monitoring different sources on online publications, blogs, and social media to check the reputation of the brand? This is an indispensable but complex activity that requires a huge number of human resources. Artificial Intelligence systems are able to autonomously interpret natural language, collect unstructured data, analyse human posts and comments and identify the most effective strategies to intervene promptly if necessary. 

RPA Social Media
SEO Analysis

SEO Analysis

Search engine optimisation is one of the most time-consuming activities. Continuous checks, analysis of technical documents and reporting are activities that can be fully automated with the use of software robots capable of constantly monitoring in real time the thousands of factors influencing search engine rankings and resolving critical issues before losing the position acquired. 

Newsletter Creation

A good marketing mix requires valuable, engaging content, a well-prepared form and good timing. These are elements that require a lot of effort, especially when the newsletter is very regular or even daily. With Intelligent Automation, it is finally possible to program software robots that can search for and collect the right content, translate it and compose it into customisable, ready-to-use templates. 

RPA Mailing List

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