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Selling the value produced in the form of goods or services is the ultimate meaning of enterprise. Yet there is no value that can sell itself: without an organised structure, supported by marketing and capable agents, goods and services are only unexpressed capital. 

The whole process is supported by software, processes and structures that enable agents to identify leads, produce orders, follow up on news and turn opportunities into sales. 

Intelligent-automation multiplies opportunities and means, reduces search times, and simplifies database management while your agents do their job: selling.  

Sales force support

News - understood as strategic information about customers/prospects - are real intangible assets that the sales force can transform into growth and business opportunities. In companies that are not yet equipped with a centralised CRM, this information is fragmented internally across various corporate systems (ERP, management, ticketing systems, email) and externally (online, Linkedin, websites). 

Combined RPA and Artificial Intelligence solutions can retrieve and collect these assets and organise them into reports and dossiers that can be used by the sales force from prospecting through to the offer stage.  

Supporto Forza Vendita
Sales Order

Sales orders

From quotation to collection, the entire Quote to Cash cycle offers plenty of scope for automation. The need to retrieve orders from several channels and enter them manually into the management system lengthens the time and lowers the sales force's reactivity. The implementation of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions optimises communication between the different systems and makes the entire business model more agile and effective for the company and its customers. 

CRM data update and aggregation

A central tool in the entire sales system, CRM is as indispensable as it is necessary. Unfortunately, to be truly effective, data on customer interactions needs to be constantly updated and aligned: a time-consuming and human resource-intensive activity without which the relationship of trust with the customer, that has been built up over time, risks being eroded. 

Simple robot software can relieve your employees of the burden and update CRM records with error-proof accuracy and efficiency. 

CRM data aggregation
Ricerca Lead

Lead Search

Where to look for bids, tenders, requests for proposals? Who are the decision makers and stakeholders to watch out for in order not to miss a golden opportunity? 

Searching for new business opportunities is an art, but it is also an activity that is always fighting against time. Intelligent Automation solves this problem: bots scan the web, interpret, and select the results and pre-load them onto the CRM while waiting for the sales team's review. 

New customer registration

Especially with large orders, document verification is a delicate and time-consuming process. Modern RPA software solutions can interface directly with external institutional (e.g., Chamber of Commerce, Internal Revenue Service) or private (rating agencies and banks) databases and request all the necessary documents without the direct intervention of an operator.  


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