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Of all business processes, logistics and warehouse management is one of the costliest and complex to manage. The need to deal with different legacy and third-party systems, the complex bureaucracy and amount of unstructured data to be included in the document flow, and the ever-tighter timeframes of a fast-moving globalised market put a strain on any business. 

Intelligent Automation is a real gamechanger, allowing you to simplify all logistics-related operations and gain valuable time and responsiveness that will allow you to be more competitive anywhere in any market. 

Inventory control

How much would your company save (and how much more could it gain) if there was an inventory that updated itself according to demand, placed supply orders autonomously, checked stock levels and produced reports in real time? 

The integration of RPA software within the inventory system does this and more: it optimises the inventory control process and improves the responsiveness of the supply chain by preventing the occurrence of high turnover product unavailability and limiting stock-outs. 

RPA Inventory Control
BOM Creation

BOM Creation

A single error in the bill of materials, especially for complex production orders, has the potential to turn into a major loss for the company. All it takes is an oversight or an incorrect part number and the production cycle will inevitably be delayed, with a negative impact, that in the worst case scenario, goes as far as the loss of customer confidence. 

The use of neural networks and deep learning technologies, supported by modern optical recognition systems OCR, eliminate the possibility of error in the processing of BOM and production documents. 

DDT notes import

Transport documents are among the documents with the highest risk of error, so a double check is always necessary both at issue and at delivery. This is an onerous process that requires the work of one or more people dedicated exclusively to the operation.  

However, the very nature of the process is simple and has no frequent exceptions, making it ideal for automation in almost all cases, greatly reducing business costs. OCR tools and artificial intelligence allow the robot to read the paper or digital bill, extract the data and upload it autonomously to the warehouse management system. 

DDT notes import
Import Export RPA


According to case studies cited in a recent report 'Trade Tech - A New Age for Trade and Supply Chain Finance' by the World Economic Forum, hundreds of documents are generated for a single intercontinental shipment, accounting for up to a quarter of transport costs.  

In the same report, RPA technologies applied to the automation of international traffic are identified as the future towards which major international hubs such as Singapore are already moving. 

The adoption of Intelligent Automationtechnologies allows to interpret and import foreign invoices directly into the management system just as for electronic invoices, to monitor and verify export notifications of MRNs (Movement Reference Numbers),to  compile and forward declarations of intent, to monitor the tracking of shipments at various stages and to send notifications to interested parties, simplifying the entire document production process required for international trade. 

Planning and tracking of shipments to customers

One of the logistics operations that benefit most from process Intelligent Automation is planning and tracking shipments.  

Bots are able to manage all those operations that are still carried out manually by most companies today, such as planning, calculating distances and checking the availability of drivers and vehicles. 

The integration of Intelligent Automation for logistics offers a huge competitive advantage over the competition, improves efficiency and timing of shipments, and reduces all delivery problems, increasing customer loyalty. 

RPA Shipments

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