RPA Data Extraction

Data extraction from PDF documents, scanned documents, Excel or other formats.

How many documents does your company produce, receive, and use every day? An infinite amount of structured and unstructured data that must be easily accessible.  

Unfortunately, there is no standard to rely on: different departments have different requirements, resulting in a babel of formats that systems often fail to understand. 

Unstructured data now accounts for 80% of the company's information assets (Source: Datamation 2018): human intervention becomes necessary to read and extract the required information and report it in formats that are fit for purpose.  

A huge, redundant task, which Intelligent automation solves thanks to Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing systems, freeing your company from document slavery. 


Data extraction from multiple channels and systems

Customers, suppliers, and administration, but also social networks, emails, articles and news: the company communicates with a multitude of subjects and systems that are never the same. The data received must be manually extracted and converted at great expense in terms of time and effort. 

Interpretation of unstructured data

The difference in operating methods leads to data without a predefined model, which are cumbersome, difficult to understand and ambiguous. 

Different formats to manage

Multitudes of different formats add further difficulties to the accessibility and reading of data. 

Third-party system audits

The fragmented nature of the documents requires numerous conversions, making manual verification of the data indispensable. 

RPA Criticalities
RPA Solutions


Data capture with or without the use of layout templates

Data mining technologies and the use of specific algorithms allow the A.I. to extract and organise data into accessible structures and relational databases. 

Natural language normalisation and interpretation

Pattern recognition and natural language processing algorithms can assign meaning to documents, organise them and make them available for structured analysis. 

Self-learning with AI

Artificial Intelligence learns from exceptions and manual interventions, refines the ability to interpret and process data.  

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