RPA Data Extraction

Data entry, updating, extraction and migration.

How much time do your employees invest in manually managing operations because the different systems are not able to communicate with each other?  

Incommunicability between data silos costs time, money, and human resources.  

Just think of the effort invested in a simple reporting task: data extracted from multiple sources must be read, verified and converted manually before flowing into the analysis software. 

Artificial Intelligence and RPA solutions make it possible to integrate otherwise incompatible systems and data silos without human intervention, streamlining all data entry, update, extraction, and migration processes and leaving more time for strategic analysis of results. 



Manual data entry and verification

Entering, converting, and verifying huge amounts of data manually is too time-consuming, with obvious consequences on personnel costs. 

More systems to work on

The greater the number of systems on which data are resident, the greater the risk of misalignments requiring manual conversion. 

Errors in manual operations

Like any repetitive, low-value activity, data entry is exposed to frequent errors that can only be detected after the damage has occurred. 

RPA Criticalities
RPA Solutions


Extracting information from third-party archives and databases

The RPA system interfaces with external archives and databases (e.g. CRM, Chamber of Commerce, Inland Revenue, service portals) and autonomously extracts the required data without time limits. 

Natural language normalisation and interpretation

Pattern recognition and natural language processing algorithms are able to assign meaning to unstructured data and integrate them into existing databases. 


Artificial Intelligence cross-references the available data and checks its reliability, leaving only the most complex cases to manual review. 

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