RPA Data Validation

Data Validation and verification with external sources

Data entry operations are costly enough in terms of human, physical and economic assets, not to mention validation and verification operations.

When this data resides on multiple systems and has to be aligned with databases from external sources, the costs multiply even further.

All this without creating added value, just to avoid bureaucratic and economic repercussions on the entire business ecosystem.

Intelligent Automation makes the integration of otherwise incompatible systems and data silos possible and performs verification and validation operations on external databases without human intervention, leaving technical and administrative staff more free time to devote to the strategic analysis of results.


More systems to work on

The greater the number of systems on which data are resident, the greater the risk of misalignments requiring validation and verification.

Manual data entry and verification

Entering, converting, and verifying huge amounts of data manually is too time-consuming, with obvious consequences on personnel costs.

Manual operation only

In the absence of Intelligent Automation and software systems capable of interpreting the data, conversion and verification must be carried out manually, with obvious consequences for business costs.

Errors in manual operations

Like any repetitive, low-value activity, data entry is exposed to frequent errors that can only be detected after the damage has occurred.

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The RPA system interfaces with external archives and databases (e.g. CRM, Chamber of Commerce, Inland Revenue, service portals) and autonomously extracts the required data without time limits.

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