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Master Data Management

It could be said that, without master data management, there is no business. The customer database has always been the central element of the most important administrative operations. One only has to think of the number of operations linked to passive invoicing which, with an outdated master file, delay the entire process and force operators to manually check. This is not only inefficient, but also exposes potential errors on legally valuable documents and increases the risk of non-compliance.  

With a multi-solution approach, the software bots autonomously cross-check internal and third-party databases, correct and align data across different systems on a periodic basis, ensuring that the master data is always up-to-date and error-proof. 



Data mismatch on systems (ERP/CRM)

Internal business systems do not communicate and update with each other, creating internal conflicts and exposing O2C and P2P processes to numerous errors. 

Onerous verifications

The audit is usually triggered after the error or complaint has been made and weighs three times: in terms of brand reputation, economically and in terms of efficiency. 

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Extracting information from third-party archives and databases

The RPA system interfaces with external archives and databases (e.g., CRM, Chamber of Commerce, Inland Revenue, service portals) and autonomously extracts the required data with no time limits. 

Automatic periodic checks

The bots automatically check, update, and redistribute the master data in real time.  

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