Order to Cash RPA

Order to Cash (O2C)

The order has arrived, but the journey has just begun. The success of your business and the future customer relationships depend on the agility and efficiency of Order to Cash (O2C) processes. 

Just think of the number of operations involved in every order: each of them is handled by a different system. 

A bottleneck on a single node generates errors and delays that cascade through subsequent processes: inefficiencies that, at best, limit the ability of the entire company to fulfil orders. 

Intelligent automation optimises the entire O2C cycle, opens communication between the different systems involved in operations, integrates processes, and limits the need for human control.  

The result? Lower costs, greater responsiveness, more agile cash flows and a fool proof service for your customers. 


Entering and checking orders

A few minutes, multiplied by hundreds of orders, become hours of work with very low efficiency. 

Too many systems to work on

Each order must be "carried" to several systems with frequent compatibility problems and the possibility of generating errors that require human intervention. 

Long handling times for sharing invoice data

From the moment of payment to the traceability of collection, too much time elapses, delaying the entire cash flow. 

Errors in manual operations

The greater the human intervention, the greater the possibility of error, especially in repetitive and low-value tasks. 

RPA Criticalities
RPA Solutions


Automated order entry and verification

The system verifies the data entered without the need for direct operator intervention, increasing efficiency by up to 81% *IBM study. 

ERP Update

Systems communicate with each other in an integrated way. Orders no longer must be carried from one system to another, operating times are reduced and the potential for error is minimised. 

Invoice reminders issuing

Automatic checks and notification systems ease the accounting workload and allow staff to intervene only when necessary. 

Receipts matching

Collections are automatically matched to orders and master data. Cash flow is accelerated, allowing greater control, and forecasting of costs and investments.  


The data collected by the integrated systems is processed in customisable reports that allow performance to be analysed and critical issues to be identified to improve the entire process. 

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