Procure To Pay RPA

Procure-to-pay (P2P)

The other side of the coin: your company needs to buy essential goods and services to be able to produce and sell.  

At least half of your core business is Procure-to-Pay (P2P).  

While identifying needs, locating suppliers, and negotiating contracts are activities where the human intervention is irreplaceable, the P2P also consists of many low-value-added operations that, thanks to Intelligent automation, can be fully managed and solved with the help of software solutions. 

No more worries or hassles: the purchasing department can focus on strategic issues such as building strong relationships of trust with suppliers and delegate everything else to AI in complete confidence



Order entry and verification

Manually generating the purchase order, entering it in internal documentation, checking the correspondence: a time-consuming and very low-yield activity. 

Too many systems to work on

Each purchase must be found on external platforms and carried into the different company systems with frequent compatibility problems and increased margin of error. 

Order/delivery/invoicing consistency checks

Every order must be tracked for delivery, checked and cleared for invoicing: a process that requires attention and resources that are diverted from strategic activities. 

Errors in manual operations

The greater the human intervention, the greater the possibility of error, especially on large volumes of repetitive, low-value tasks. 

RPA Criticalities
RPA Solutions


Automation of order entry and verification

Hyper-automated solutions simplify entry, check the order, and update all systems involved in related processes without the need for human intervention. 

Data extraction from bills and invoices

No more endless manual searches: data from bills and invoices are extracted and compiled in an organised database that enables fast extractions and secure results. 

Order correspondence

Bots verify order correspondence and communicate it to the systems with error-proof tracking, minimising the need for manual checks by staff. 

Approval for payment

The system independently checks the status of the order and approves payment according to the rules laid down in your protocols. 


The bot generates accurate reports on flows, delivery times and payments made, providing transparency and insights that are essential for process optimisation. 

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