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Periodic reporting

Observing the past, maximising the present and looking to the future: the strategic value of good reporting is invaluable.  

It prevents the repetition of mistakes, identifies critical issues and positive trends, and enables timely action to be taken at the right time. 

Unfortunately, the first obstacle in reporting is precisely the plurality of sources and systems from which to extract data. Intelligent automation solves the compatibility problem, reads the data and organises it into neat, user-friendly structures, leaving your analysts more time to process the information and organise high-value strategic reports. 



Data extraction from multiple channels and systems

Customers, suppliers, and administration, but also social networks, emails, articles and news: the company communicates with a multitude of subjects and systems that are never the same. The data received must be manually extracted and converted at great expense in terms of time and effort. 

Interpretation of unstructured data

The difference in operating methods leads to data without a predefined model, which are cumbersome, difficult to understand and ambiguous. 

Out-of-date data

 The extraction work is so time-consuming that the data arrived for analysis are already obsolete.  

RPA Criticalities
RPA Solutions


Extracting information from third-party archives and databases

The RPA system interfaces with external archives and databases (e.g., CRM, Chamber of Commerce, Inland Revenue, service portals) and autonomously extracts the required data without time limits. 

Customisable update frequency and distribution channel

Bots collect updated data and redistribute it according to rules and methods defined by company-specific needs. 

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